PremRock, “Let Me See Your Tongue”

It would have been easy for PremRock to load up his new record, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, with guest appearances by the various affiliated crews, just like it would have been easy to hand the record over to a label for promotion rather than self-release it. PremRock is out to be self-made and he continues that path with the video for "Let Me See Your Tongue".

Alone in a hallway, PremRock breaks the fourth wall by winking into the camera, but "Let Me See Your Tongue" isn't fun and games for the New York rapper. The isolation of the setting might cast PremRock as an island, but it's a lonesome place that takes an unexpected turn into a voyeuristic view hinged on his parting words "need to get sober". The camera lingers in the instrumental outro and we watch as PremRock is left to quiet moments of head nods and tapping to the beat as though we're not there watching.

PremRock's A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is out now on his Bandcamp. Read our review of the album here.