Quelle Chris and Jean Grae, "Gold Purple Orange"

Post Author: Andre G

Quelle Chris and Jean Grae are two of the most insightful, witty MCs going. The newly-married couple are dropping a joint album entitled Everything’s Fine in late March, and are steadily rolling out the singles. They paired their latest track, the jazzy “Gold Purple Orange,” with a typically unconventional video which sees the two artists entranced while delivering their heady lyrics on embracing originality and being yourself.
The two brought a star-studded cast in the video, featuring comedians Eric Andre and Hannibal Burress and a sax player who had to keep it together amidst Quelle’s hilarious blank state. Burress is crafting his own rap album and is on the duo’s previous single “OhSH.” A variation of that title is exactly what viewers might humorously say after viewing his hilarious getup – and the skit that takes place between himself, Grae and Chris.
Everything’s Fine will be out on Mello Music Group on March 30th. You can preorder on Bandcamp here.