Yuno, "No Going Back"

Post Author: Andre G

Shabazz Palace’s Ish Butler has said that upstart singer-songwriter Yuno has a “seductive magic” about him. That’s what influenced Butler to sign Yuno to Sub Pop. Yuno is set to drop his debut album, but he’s first given us a taste of what to expect with his gleaming “No Going Back” single. The thumbnail for the video, which Yuno directed, brings the gritty Illmatic to mind with its font. The 3-minute track, however, is pretty much diametrically opposed.
Yuno’s lithe voice floats amidst the cheerful soundscape, bouncing off the plucky piano keys and showing why Butler felt he “possessed all the trappings of a great musician.” The Jacksonville native is the latest young talent from Florida. His rise has been decidedly less controversial than some of Florida’s hip-hop artists, but the brand of sunny pop displayed on “No Going Back” should earn him his own cult fanbase.