Quiet Domino, "Metropelium"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

New San Francisco-based electro pop (self described “indietronica”) music project Quiet Domino – led by brainchild Mark Nelsen – is ready for a grand introduction. And that’s very attainable with the introduction of the new music video for track “Metropelium”.
White walls and a woman with a look of annoyance begin the video, a voiceover setting the tone for the remainder of it. We follow this woman throughout the  city, as she dances to the steady, beautiful melody of “Metropelium” and takes in the world around her.  “The internet has become our Mausoleum of recycled Metropolitan culture. Our experience is ‘Metropelium’,” explains Nelsen. “Why do we continue to dance atop a cultural veneer?”
And yet the protagonist does so despite the irrevocable fact that she just went through a breakup and no longer resides in the white walled room where we first began. In the midst of chaos, she portrays herself as whole.
Quiet Domino will be playing San Francisco’s Swedish American Hall on April 26, supporting Porcelain Raft. Tickets are available now. Keep up with Quiet Domino here.