Rabble Rabble, “Broke”

Since their 2010 release of the Bangover LP, Chicago's Rabble Rabble added Andrew Kettering (Great Society Mind Destroyers/Plastic Crimewave Sound) to the outfit, and along with him, a layer of psychedelia to the hard grunge riffs they do so well. In advance of releasing their new album, Brain Hole, the band just put out the first single, "Broke", in video form, with the directorial help of Mark Ciarleglio. The video's ambling five-and-a-half minutes make up for in grittiness what they lack in editing, as it builds slowly to the messy climax of a brutal and drugs-and-alcohol-addled underground fight tournament. The album comes out June 13 on Logan Hardware Records, but you can stream the whole thing on Soundcloud.