Radiator Hospital, “Great Escape”

Power-pop has taken its fair time in getting a second go-around, but now that it's finally back, we're happy to see bands in the style of Radiator Hospital garnering attention and putting out records. Radiator Hospital, made up of members of Swearin' and Waxahatchee, released a new video recently in anticipation of their July record, Something Wild through Salinas Records. The vibes are nasally and youthful with a momentous force pushing it all along—think teenagers in love, go-kart races, and double-decker turkey sandwiches with a side of Dr. Pibb. The video is a bunch of composite images that flash by in quick snatches, and it all ends with a group vocal singing "I want to cry, I want to cry." Funny, we feel exactly the opposite.

Something Wild releases through Salinas Records in July, and you can pick that up here.