Ray & Remora, “Honey Beware”

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

The Los Angeles-based Ray & Remora is made up of the duo of Ray (Dan Crane) and Remora (Amanda Walker), and has recently added Jeff Liffmann (keyboards) and Damon Kellard (drums). Their album Startle It Up was just released, and we have the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Honey Beware”,  the first single off the album that boasts beautiful vocals by Amanda Walker.

The video, however, is completely different from what you might be expecting from such a melodic song.  Dan Crane enjoys hosting the US Air Guitar Championships in his free time and at the national championships in Austin this past summer, he created the video for “Honey Beware” by asking competitors if they wanted to appear in the shoot.  The impromptu result includes many legends of the US Air Guitar circuit, as well as Crane appearing as his alter-ego, Ivana Türoque (too_RAWK).

The video has all the makings of a serious underground film until the 17 second mark.  At that point, Crane introduces the air guitar musicians and you actually find yourself playing and singing along to the song.  And these musicians are definitely better than I would be!

Björn Türoque had a bit to say about the work.

In addition to being one of our only tunes that features a strong rhythmic guitar part suitable for air-ing, I thought the song fit well lyrically with a guy dressed as a woman playing an invisible guitar: “Hey there girl, somebody’s gotta look out for you—honey beware. Hey my dear, you can start again, oh at least just try and pretend…

Ray & Remora released their full-length debut album Startle it Up in September, 2016. It is available on digital and CD.