Roosevelt, "Moving On"

Post Author: Andre G

By most critical accounts, German singer/songwriter/producer Roosevelt came through with his highly anticipated self-titled debut. Last year’s Roosevelt showcased his musical versatility, as he explored sounds ranging from yacht-rock tinged vibes all the way to dancefloor ready pop. Roosevelt isn’t ready to end the journey yet, however. Today he released a video for “Moving On,” one of the album favorites.
It’s breakup record, but not of the mournful variety. “Moving On” radiates a cheery, uptempo energy, with Roosevelt’s warm vocals matching majestic synthesizer play and two-step inducing drum production. There’s a relentless groove throughout the track.
The Hector Prats-directed video matches Roosevelt’s efforts, showcasing the singer frolicking through a colorful, labyrinthic house of mirrors. Their journey then splits into two, a metaphor for the fork in the road fully explored by a couple that’s breaking up. Along with the video, Roosevelt announced tour dates throughout Europe all the way to August.