Sayth, “Rare Candy”

Post Author: NM Mashurov

If the sound of SP-404 beats over the Pokemon theme song isn’t enough to get a knowing smile from every millennial, the accompanying video for “Rare Candy” (another Pokemon reference) which shows VHS-style footage of Sayth and friends hanging out at the mall just might. Sayth is Wisconsin-based Eric Wells, who splits time between rapping and promoting all ages DIY shows in his Eau Claire hometown. “Rare Candy” is a lighthearted track but Sayth makes sure to drop in a few truth bombs about being a queer rapper, performing for an audience, and queerbaiting in pop culture: “Listening to chopped and screwed tracks of The Clash / You can be my Misty, I can be your Ash / or you can be my Ash and I will be your Brock / the homoerotic undertones got hard to write off.”