ScienZe Drops Video for "Juice & Gin"

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn MC ScienZe recently dropped Kind of Dessert, a 14-track followup to last summer’s Good Food album. Today, the Dope League rhymer dropped a video for “Juice & Gin,” one of the album standouts. The smooth, Yamin Semali-produced track was paired with an intimate, colorful video that “captures the moment where boy meets girl,” as ScienZe noted via e-mail.
On “Juice & Gin,”ScienZe weaves a tale of a relationship that sometimes drifts apart due to his work – but always comes back together at the function. He shares some scenes with a woman, each drowned in a different hue — a creative embodiment of the “let’s capture it in color” mantra he expressed about the video.
Throughout the Aaronisnotcool-direct video, he and his friend are head-nodding, laying on the ground together, and all-around vibing. As most tracks on Kind of Dessert radiate what could be figuratively described as different shades of romance, “Juice & Gin’s” visual is the flirty, warm vibes of the album perfectly translated onscreen.