Skrill Meadow, “Number One”

Skrill Meadow is a long-standing project of one Olympia, Washington denizen who goes by the name of Markly J. Morrison who also plays in Lazer Zeppelin and LAKE. They've released eight albums so far. The newest is called Hard Water, and it's one of those lovely records that takes a blisteringly insane persona and combines it with all the cheesiest '80s synths and a smooth Cody Chestnutt sensibility. (If you don't believe us that someone could make this work, check out this track "Losing Weight 1974".) This VHS video was created by Brian Echon, who has been making all these Gnar TV stuff, and was filmed in the bars that kids are still hanging out in Olympia because they are timeless, like Le Voyeur and the Clipper. Then the concert footage, with extra sax solo from Arrington de Dionyso, was all edited together and given a good dose of visual feedback by tripping out the co-ax between the original tape and a copy of The Breakfast Club. Whatever gets you going in the morning.

You can stream Hard Water in full here or you can buy the tape from Gnar Tapes & Shit.