SNS, “Ill Street Blues”

<p>SNS, which stands for Scripts n' Screwz, are a St. Louis based duo with no affilation to the St. Lunatics, to our working knowledge. If we may, this is actually the realest shit we've heard from the Gateway to the Western U.S., period. Borrowing a Kool G. Rap title, SNS's piano loop is sullen and chilling compared to the one Kool G. danced around on his road to the riches. SNS bring a Midwest mentality to "Ill Street Blues" with lines like "just know when you cozy in your living room / eating chicken soup / that we be out here living too / we don't limit you / so please don't limit us / like the censors do / just act sensible / and we can live".

SNS's The Hangover II EP is out December 21 on Far Fetched.