So Below, “Far”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

So Below recently tackled a music video for her single “Far”. Entirely too excited to see it, we are more thrilled than we thought we would be. The layering of the visuals over each other make you almost feel like you’re in a thriller, supported even more by shots of the light filtering down through a hole in the ground. What “Far” serves as–however–is a deeper commentary

“I wake inside the mess, these voices in my head,” Maddie (So Below) sings, connecting the visuals to the way she cannot turn her thoughts off. The song leans more toward self-actualization, with lyrics like “For every thought that led me here, all the reasons disappear… This is not where I should be, every shadow hanging over me.”

“Far” is simple, yet complex. Colors blend and fade, different angles are addressed, and each line is deliberate and sharp–a stark contrast to the ethereal melody of the song. Maddie sits still while color block images pulsate over her skin, crooning “This is this is caught up with me, this low I know won’t let me breathe / I’ll stay, I’ll stay down here with you, if you’ll let me through.”

There is an overwhelming sense of sadness and loneliness associated with this video.

It’s funny what a music video can do to you.

So Below is out now.