Premiere: So Many Wizards, “Daydream”

So Many Wizards have been working on new recordings, new singles, remixes, and taking part in today's video debut for, "Daydream". The afternoon affair begins with bassist Devin Ratliff following the flight of an orange balloon in a his backyard before falling fast asleep after verbal exchanges with the landlord, played by by frontman Nima Kazerouni's grandmother. In the land of dreams, Devin meets a balloon and peacock feather wielding ethereal angel, who lavishes the daydreaming bassist with feathers and pearl grapes-painting wide open eyes upon his closed lids. The song of, "oh I need you" is accompanied with visions of Devin dancing with both his new celestial friend, and with the company of random mannequins.

Breaking the dream are shouts from the landlady, which cues the action movie speeding car that pulls up into the driveway, containing the Wizards. At a frantic pace, Nima, Erik Felix, and Melody Carillo rush in to grab the sleep-struck Devin. Wisking away the tired prince to a backyard gig elsewhere in a car full of balloons, So Many Wizards perform for a gathering of friends like Silver Hands, as all in attendance (including the rest of the band) become struck with the painted eye gaze. The "Daydream" proves infectious, as Devin's trance catches on, bringing the rest of the band, and their beautiful friends into one shared, and sunny vision. Nima joined up with us again to talk about the band's upcoming Part Time Punks LA Echoplex gig for My Bloody Valentine night Sunday 9, new recordings in progress, a few of So Many Wizards' favorite bands, and more.

Like the peacock feather touched cartoon eyes from the enchantress, enchantment is a common theme in both the songs and video of So Many Wizards. Where did the drawn on eyes concept come from for the Mareesa Stertz video?

Mareesa and I came up with that concept while bouncing ideas off of each other. It was a creepy idea and I really like how it turned out. Super dark and hypnotic

What is it about elements of enchantment that are almost a creative objective in the music of So Many Wizards? Is it this lesson that in life, magic is everywhere type of deal?

Magic is definitely everywhere in life. If you look for it, you’ll find it. It’s all a wonderful mystery and this heavily influences how I go about everything. Especially writing music.

This almost feels like a backyard performance video sequel to the "Lose Your Mind" video. Intentional at all?

Totally unintentional, but a cool common thread.

Exciting news about your upcoming Part Time Punks show with SISSU, Heaven, and Tennis System, that's a helluva lineup! What else is in the works for So Many Wizards?

Definitely stoked on playing the Part Time Punks Show. It’s a My Bloody Valentine tribute night so each band covers two to three MBV songs. We’re actually going in the studio to record our MBV covers for PTP in March. A mini covers EP will be coming your way. Also working on the sophomore release. Waaaaayyy stoked for this too.

Other LA artists you all have been playing with as well that we should know about already?

Recently played with Mr Elevator & the Brain Hotel, FROTH, Kera and the Lesbians and Santoros. All these bands are a must know. All on Lolipop Records too!

Spring/summer plan of attack?

Record, record, write, record some more and hopefully unleash our sophomore release with all of you. Cannot wait for that day to come.

So Many Wizards' Night Chills 7" is avalable now from LA's Lolipop Records.