Soft Metals, “Tell Me”

When was the last time you just made out with someone? It can become a lost pasttime as you grow older. Distractions like less time to do it; adopting a "down to business" attitude, and bad breathe can hinder one's waning appreciation for the art of tonsil hockey. Soft Metals added effects to the short film "Hardcore" and made their track "Tell Me" the soundtrack to a heavy petting session that's not quite NSFW, but will turn a few heads. The video will put some heat under the collar or encourage the loosening of a button or two, but at some point you'll realize, damn… they are still going at it. Four minutes of making out is a long time when you're not involved.

San Diego residents, come make out to Soft Metals tonight at the Casbah as part of our Three Nights During the Con event.

We also recommend reading Soft Metals' Song of Fire & Ice Selector feature.

Soft Metals' Lenses is out now on Captured Tracks.