Sufjan Stevens, “Blue Bucket Of Gold” [Cover]

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Lindenfield surrounds himself with talent. As both a songwriter and a producer originally from Chicago, he’s produced The Atomics, Emily Brown, and June Cat, among others. In leading his cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Blue Bucket Of Gold”, he has called in the support of Emily Brown, Alyssa Pyper, and Quiet House.


Delicately balanced and atmospheric, Lindenfield drawing upon Sufjan is admittedly a strong basis for a beautiful work. Yet, his cover is one piece of a larger work, with a poignant influence:

My grandma Shirley passed away late last year during what seemed to be a season of significant deaths. David Bowie. Prince. George Martin. They all hit me hard. My new album is a collection of songs I recorded at home over the last few years while I was mourning the loss of a loved one, a hero, a lover, or simply the loss of hope.

The holiday season is not always easy to digest amongst familial conflict, stress, and endless bills. However, the truly black and white interpretation of Sufjan Stevens is a welcomed play into escapism.


Lindenfield and a portion of his past work can be found on his Spotify page. To sum it all up, Lindenfield tells the world he “makes sad music.” We’d have to agree.