Teddybears, “The Best You Ever Had”

Meredith Schneider

Sweden’s groundbreaking electro-pop collective Teddybears – yes, they are known for playing with bear masks on their heads – has been prepping for their latest LP, Rock On, for some time now. It was released in the US and Canada on August 26th, and the band celebrated with a [relatively] new video for their song “The Best You Ever Had”. (Although, how they thought they could followup the video for “Sunshine” is beyond me.)

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This video is made up of live shots accompanied by a significant amount of illustration. The song plays over silent footage of a scientist conducting an experiment on what it seems would be the human brain, as alluded to initially. A woman drinking a milk substance, a heart splattering, and bears. These are a few of the things you will notice throughout the video, as it takes you into what feels like a former time, replete with glittery bear head disco balls and muted, 70’s coloring on the screen.

Did we mention you’ll see a bare foot stomping on raw eggs?

The video rounds out as if it was all in the subject of the scientific experiment’s head. But – after all – isn’t it all in our heads?

Rock On is available now.


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