Teenanger, “Think About It”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Toronto quartet Teenanger has been rocking us lately with selections from their upcoming EPLP album for Telephone Explosion with hits like, “Hot Rods at the Loser Convention“, “Mild Survival“, and now premiere the Morgan Tams video for, “Think About It”. Seventies stag film shots are put together with new color to give you something to think about over the weekend and the many weekdays to follow.

Vocalist Chris Swimmings keeps the anger burning amid the campy, psuedo-sexy/pseudo-psychedelic visuals against guitarist Jon Schouten’s wall of fire and raw fury. The aggression and audacious aural assault offers something ponder, while visuals of blue-film folks in the throes of climactic ecstasy are glazed in an assortment of polychromatic hues. Morgan Tams’ video for Teenanger’s “Think About It” gives a thought (and conversation) piece for everyone to talk about. The band joined us for a lively discussion, with an inside view from the Toronto frontlines:

Give us the Toronto Scene Report, according to Teenanger.

The weather has been unseasonably cold so people haven’t been taking drugs and getting naked at the beach as much. It’s been more of a ‘drinking coffee out of Styrofoam cups and wearing fingerless gloves’ kind of summer.

Robbie G from Cellphone is having a baby, and that little sucker will one day usurp Jaki Liebezeit as the world’s best drummer.

Jennifer Castle is blowing everyone’s mind with her new song “Sailing Away”.

Dean from Odonis Odonis shaved his beard and is now like the guy being chased by a hundred women in those body spray commercials.

Word on the street is that Soupcans are tracking some new songs, and may have electrocuted the albino squirrel in Trinity Bellwoods Park while doing so.

Chris from Metz got married and we stole a boatload of exotic candy at his wedding. Thanks Sub Pop!

Oh, and Kelly Leak went to jail.

What was the process like of syncing up your single, “Think About It” with select 70s-ish stag film footage?

Our friend Morgan had all the footage at his place in Victoria. Who has that much vintage 8mm porn just lying around? The video was his idea, and it works because people totally look like they’re deep in thought right before they experience what the French like to call, ‘le petit mort.’

What inspired the song in the first place?

It would have to be the day we discovered that the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe are essentially the same car (with slight exterior styling variations.) Oddly enough, they were the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market 10 years ago. Now you just look like a fossil fuel-depleting asshole driving one.

Staying on top of ecological automotive trends is a key Teenanger pastime. 6 km / liter is so 2005. Hybrid or die!

What else can you tell us about your forthcoming release?

It’s coming out September 9 on Telephone Explosion. and is easily 1.5 times better than our last record. That’s more than double, right?

Teenanger’s EPLP will be available September 9 from Telephone Explosion.