Terrace, “Kane Garden Terrace” (Concord Drumm Remix)

Terrace, Vancouver's trio of Simon Lock, Jodi Kane Hoesing & Chris Brewer's grabbed our ears and eyes with "Kane Garden Terrace" in their Stateside debut last year, and today give us the first look and listen to the video for the Concord Drumm remix. Taken off the upcoming release for Simon's TechnoFunk Records, As Far As The Remix Can See, features remixes from Nick Holder, Jason Hodges, Isis Graham, DJ Klippa, and Krown & Tyler. But for right now, please make sure your trays and chairs are in the upright position, and your seatbelts are firmly fastened as we prepare for take-off in a flight to find a new sense of tranquility.

The video from Barcelona director Mark Alcover begins with the liftoff of a private jet into the skies and sights of new and old foreign worlds to be explored. Simon Lock, a pilot himself, can be heard as a voice embedded within the new synth schemes to point out these far away places. From seas, to mountains, and ancient villas; Alcover's video depicts the remix in visual terms like a view into the world from a state of constant motion and tireless travel. An electronic sound that connects consoles to the strings of sentiment and wanderlust desires, the remix rebuilds "Kane Garden Bay" as an adventure to find every sunset with the anticipation of enjoying the new homes and new hopes sought in the rise of a new dawn. The music of Terrace places the emphasis on the great life pursuit and quest for new discoveries as expressed in the electro balladeering of searches, synths, and earnest song.

Once again, we are privileged to welcome back our friend Simon Lock to discuss remixes, videos, and what's next in the cards for team Terrace.

Tell us about the upcoming remixes release.

It's a five song EP that includes remixes from some of our favorite DJ/Producers in the biz. We had a few of these tracks laying around since our first EP Circuits and we just thought we should get them out there while we are busy finishing off our next LP, which still has no title! The remix EP which is called As Far… will be released on TechnoFunk Records as a 'pay what you wish' deal on our Bandcamp account. If you like 'em feel free to give us a wad of your hard earned money, if you don't, download it anyway, play it when you have people over, it'll be a hit! The roster of talent includes Nick Holder (Canadian House music pioneer DJ/Producer), Concord Drumm (Vancouver chillwave newbie also on TechnoFunk Media), DJ Krown (Vancouver House music legend), Isis Graham (a Calgary DJ/Producer/Promoter and former Terrace member), DJ Klippa (UK Drum and Bass DJ/Producer) and finally Jason Hodges (Toronto Based House Music veteran). Overall a very talented team.

What is it like for you to listen to one of your musical babies getting remixed?

It's always really cool to hear someone else's interpretation of your song. When a house music legend like Nick Holder hands you a remix of your song, you have a hard time not losing your cool. Luckily I know him very well so he was cool when I started crying. You have to understand that the artist is going to use a high degree of creative liberty with the remix and how the final product turns out is how they see it. That's the end goal. And pretty cool. Except when their version is better than the original. Then you just want to beat them up, lovingly, of course.

Thoughts on how the Concord Drumm remix of "Kane Garden Bay" transformed the original?

Chris (Brewer) from Concord Drumm is also a main member of Terrace, so he knew the song intimately. However, one day the little villain just slammed the remix down and said, 'BAM! Check this out!.' On first listen, I instantly loved it. Maybe a little too much. So, I beat him up. Just to put him in his place. Then he beat me up. Overall, I think I won. It's hard to say. His dental bill was more than mine. Getting back on track, I love the big synths and the off time bass line. These are things I never would have thought of. In this case, the compliment of the subtle and not so subtle sounds that he incorporated resulted in a luscious atmospherics that really takes the track to a different place. And I really like that.

Loved the plane traveling heights, and sights of the video, your thoughts on the lush visualizations?

We owe all of that to Mark (Alcover), our very talented and skilled Barcelona based video director. He comes up with a the video concepts and then just goes to work. The results have always been impressive. He has no idea that we work in airline business on the side and to have the airplane that we know the most shown taking off was purely a coincidence. Like I said, he's a genius. Or a witchdoctor. Either way, pretty cool.

Latest Vancouver report?

Cloudy with a chance of rain [winking smile face emoticon].
No seriously though, the city is buzzin. Well, at least the circle that I move in is. Terrace has been busy since the end of our fall tour on writing our next album, which is due early summer. The record itself is a much different feel than our debut, it's very summery and less aggressive. We meant it to sound like you've just had the summer of your life in the South of France with the coolest girl in the world, but maybe too much fun. Intrigued yet? You should be. After it's released a tour will follow, along with some more video etc… My side project Model Clocks is set to release it's debut full length record early next month. It's an atmospheric record meant to be the soundtrack for the late night experience. Also, just finishing a house music EP with DJ Krown that should be due out in the spring on my label TechnoFunk Media. So, like I said… buzzin'!

Terrace's As Far As The Remix Can See will be available in Spring from TechnoFunk Records via Bandcamp.