The Renderers Premiere Video for “Seaworthy”, Announce Re-Issue of A Dream of the Sea

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

New Zealand’s The Renderers have been making music and capturing hearts since their early days in 1989. Comprised of Maryrose Crook and her husband Brian (The Terminals), The Renderers have decided to officially re-release their successful 1998 album A Dream of the Sea. In honor of that news of this “sea” re-release – and because we’re so infatuated by their sound – we’ve got the premiere of their music video for “Seaworthy”, a song off their February release In The Sodium Light.

The video begins with the same dark, ominous tones that the band has showcased in years past. A slow motion shot at sea, the title shown across the skyline as if written on a waving pirate flag. Tarot cards scattering across an illustration. A woman in a coffin. But it’s Maryrose, and she’s singing with her eyes closed. The video takes its time swapping between scenes as if its storyline is being performed on stage. The lighting, the stage pieces, it’s all a work of art. Add Maryrose’s gorgeous, sultry vocals into the mix with a little help from the strings, and this song – and its matching video – is a fairy tale come to life.

The video was shot and edited by Jorge W Davies.