The Second Howl, “Hundred Dollar Bills”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Alternative rock band The Second Howl – comprised of 3-time Latin GRAMMY nominee Natasha Jeanne and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Alex Darren – is earning critical acclaim nationwide. They are known particularly for their energetic stage performances, which is something you have to see to believe. Don’t trust us? Catch a glimpse of this phenomenon in their new music video for “Hundred Dollar Bills”. 

Immediate energy. Hard electric guitar and percussion back Jeanne’s edgy, mellifluous vocals. They play in a dimly lit warehouse space, layers of color and smoke floating around them. There are shots that make it look as if we are watching them through a kaleidoscope, and it’s sensational. As they rock out, a second storyline unfolds in a forest. An attractive man with long hair and fitted black jeans is looking around for something, as a man in a trench coat carrying a briefcase walks casually into the distance.

“Our vision,” explains the band, “was to have a blood pumping video that really captured the energy, performance, and meaning of the song.”

Well, they succeeded. It isn’t until the end of the video that we know exactly what’s going on, though. And, to be completely honest, we don’t feel great for our handsome protagonist. 

 The Second Howl’s debut EP You Fit In is available now.