The Vickers, “She's Lost”

"Tell me all your stories, tell me how you feel," comes from the beautiful lulling bridge in "She's Lost" by The Vickers, and while a projector reflects colorful views of kaleidscopic scenes and honey-toned images, a desire to share stories does build up within the viewer. There is a host of 60s-influenced psychedelia taking market over everything these days, and while more is merrier, The Vickers prove that only some bands can feel so purely true to that inspiration. The imagery in the video for "She's Lost", along with a healthy dose of vintage basses and hefty mustaches, proves that either time machines are real or reincarnation is. The end of the video leaves a cloudy patchouli-scented smoke over the room, which doesn't feel like a 600×800 screen but a tented harem supported by a paisley tapestries.

The Vickers, who are based in Florence, Italy, have a recently-released 7" that came out through Cybertree Records last week. You can pick that up here.