Toxie, “Newgate”

Back in August we were introduced to this first single from Memphis, Tennessee supergroup Toxie. To refresh, Alexandra Burden had joined forces with members of Coasting and the Magic Kids to create "Newgate," a mash of dreamy synth-pop, grungy guitars, fuzzed bass and sugary melodies.

Now Mall Tapes, an exclusively-VHS production house, has teamed up with Toxie to create this video for their Forever 21 release. A mix of live footage, fluorescent nail polish and smoke machines, the experience is reminiscent of a drug-induced night at a European industrial club. The black-lit video digs into Burden's dark and angsty lyrics as purple lips mutter, "We're all waiting to die," from somewhere beyond the void against a backdrop of silhouettes and flashing lights.

Toxie's 7-inch, Newgate, is out now on Goner Records.