Vandoliers, “Bottom Dollar Boy”

Meredith Schneider

Considering they just formed last year, the alt-country band Vandoliers has some serious work under their belts. Blending rock and country in only a way Dallas-Forth Worth musicians could, the band – comprised of Mark Moncrieff (bass), Guyton Sanders (drums), Travis Curry (fiddle), Dustin Fleming (electric guitar), and Cory Graves (multi-instrumentalist) – has been eagerly putting together their debut album, interestingly titled Ameri-Kinda. We’ve got the video premiere for their track “Bottom Dollar Boy” right here.

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Graves had a little bit of background on the video to share.

We shot the “Bottom Dollar Boy” video at The Double Wide, one of our favorite bars in Dallas. We felt it was a fitting spot, because the little trailer park-themed dive plays up both its ‘70s honky-tonk and ‘80s punk/metal via its velvet paintings, white trash murals and toilets as patio furniture. So I’m not sure if it’s a punk bar with country roots or a country bar with metal roots, which is probably how a lot of people feel about us. And we decided to film it live, because our stage show is really the core of what Vandoliers is.

Just about anyone can make a great record in their bedrooms – which is essentially what we did with this one – but since we’re still pretty new, we wanted to prove that we could go out there and pull it off just as convincingly live. On display, I think, is the fact that we’re not just punks doing country or vice versa, but real people making authentic Texas music.

And he’s not wrong. Shot by Open-Ended Films, the video captures many angles of Vandoliers’ captivating live performance. We’re big, big fans of the raspy, rock vocals delivered amongst a bed of twangy instrumentals. Hopefully they make their way across the US soon, because we’re pretty keen on seeing them live now.

Tour Dates
9/24 – Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival (Bryan, TX)
9/25 – Three Links (Dallas, TX)
9/29 – Cottonwood (Houston, TX)
9/30 – The Rustic (Dallas, TX)
10/7 – Horny Toad Bar (Snyder, TX)
10/6 – Granada Theater (Dallas, TX)

Ameri-Kinda releases October 21st on State Fair Records.

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