The Tambourine Club, “Whistle”

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Whistle” is the first single off The Tambourine Club’s upcoming album Chameleon.  The infectious tune by the quartet from Kansas City, Missouri leaves you excited for the subsequent music on the album.  Bandmates Jeffrey Mundinger, Justin Brooks, Bryan Lamanno, and Rachael Trader have created a song that leaves you humming long after it’s over.

The video for “Whistle” leaves any interpretation to the viewer’s imagination.  The common thread of bright colors and modern art images lets the viewer determine the mood of the song.  The self described “psych pOP” band has made a video that invites you to think about how the words relate to the images and draw your own conclusions.  A very simple concept, but a very enjoyable one!

The album release show for Chameleon will be at The Brick in Kansas City, Missouri on October 21, 2016.  Until then you can see The Tambourine Club at the Outer Reaches Festival (also in Kansas City) on October 1, 2016 at Record Bar.