Violence Creeps, “On My Turf”

Post Author: Abbie Hornburg
Violence creeps

Oakland, CA punks Violence Creeps released a video for the debut track “On My Turf” that takes the viewer on a restless, psychedelic odyssey. The video splices together raw, unruly footage that captures the intrusive, pissed-off sound of Violence Creeps. Director Dan Shaw creates an outrageous theatrical world, shifting from black in white into chromatic color, connecting wild vignettes ranging from people who are screaming, bandaged and held hostage in a world turned sideways to Bill Clinton soloing on a saxophone. Vivid, disturbing and violent imagery floods the screen—a man being beaten to the ground, a therapist addressing a woman who is thrashing on the bed, a man jumping up and down while whipping a plant. Dan Shaw captures the violent and strange sides of humanity with an immense sense of visual and sensory overload and a grotesque sense of humor in both astonishing visual inventiveness and sordid images that reflect Tony Oursler’s early work in Sonic Youth music videos.

“On My Turf” is a destructive, aggressive punk track that swings between the emotional highs and lows of Hole or Black Flag. Violence Creeps pack plenty of passion and aggression that has the power to work a room full of people into a frenzy. A slow, steady parade of drums builds the song into a full-on combative anthem with a chaotic gust of saxophones and distortion. The song reaches a peak of reckless energy as vocalist Amber Feigel screams “You’re on my turf / you’re going to be mine / you’re on my turf/ you’re not hard to find.” The Violent Creeps track “On My Turf” is a pure punk anthem that is wildly anarchic as well as assertively tight, and will leave you to wanting to punch every pillow in your house.