Premiere: WALL, “Place Too Low”

British soulful soft-footers WALL have a few things in common with Cat Power, Mirah, and even Joanna Newsom, but that doesn't mean they're not willing to embrace new, unmarked territories. When the band was touring the US, they made a quick stop at Tina's Diner, a well-known fantastic landmark in Bushwick that falls so squarely in the category of "New York Diners" that it's almost a parody of itself. (It's one of the few places left that you can get a breakfast special for $3.50—so think about that.) A diner might seem like an unlikely place not only for a live show but for a band as mild and bedroom-heavy as WALL—their sound is reminiscent of the first light in the morning, when you're still rolling around in your sheets—and yet the trio pull it off rather nicely with their mellow "Place Too Low". The diner goes on with its business around them, delivering plates of eggs and bacon, and the three perform without even letting on that they're in on it. It's a wonderfully shot video and the live performance makes us eager to either start brewing the coffee or get right back in bed—to be determined.

WALL have their first release, the Shoestring EP, avaiable to stream on SoundCloud via Big Picnic here.