Weekend Money, “Clockworkin'”

Weekend Money is finally set to release its long awaited Freddie Merkury LP next week. In anticipation of the album, Ne$$ and Baghdad rounded up thier closest New York amigos for the "Clockworkin'" video, which includes guest appearances by Heems, Lakutis, Awkwafina, Kassa Overall, Tecla, and Nick Gazin.

Simple and effective, the "Clockworkin'" video features Weekend Money collecting stacks off a bugged out Lakutis (nothing surprising there) and slanging a golden terrior figurine to Heems. The flashy wardrobe changes prove the duo are both trapping around the clock, as the song suggests, and capitalizing quite well. As Weekend Money take their new record to the stage and on the road to SxSW, they'll be bringing a clockwork dance move we hope to see catch on.

Weekend Money's Freddie Merkury LP is out February 4.