Wet, “You’re the Best”

Post Author: Quinn Moreland

“Massachusetts by way of Brooklyn” trio Wet have only officially released a few tracks, but their upcoming full-length record Don’t You is hotly anticipated. Following the release of “Deadwater,” the leading single off Don’t You, Wet has re-recorded “You’re The Best,” a song from their 2013 EP. The song’s updated video (you can still watch the original here) features the band (Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow) hanging at a roller rink. In addition to clips of the band skating, the video also features a dream romance between the rink’s DJ and a stellar skater. As Zutrau explained to Billboard, “We’ve been skating a lot in our town because there’s not too much to do at night,” “One night we were just at the mall skating and I took a video of Joe doing a trick and we realized it would make the perfect video for ‘You’re The Best.'” Like Beyonce’s “Blow,” “You’re The Best” proves that roller rinks are the chillest places to shoot music videos.