WHOOP-Szo, “Another Show”

Meredith Schneider

Ontario psychedelic/folk collective WHOOP-Szo – which has come a long way under the direction of founding member Adam Sturgeon – has been hard at work on their upcoming album Citizen’s Ban(ne)d Radio, which was birthed during their time on tour over 2015 and 2016. Their latest single “Another Show” brings with it a music video, and we have the exclusive premiere for you now.

The lightweight vocals play as a background to WHOOP-Szo band members in their element, some with melancholic gazes set. Some sit in front of their respective instruments, singing and bringing increasing energy to the fold. Shots of seemingly mundane objects and surroundings – dirty boots, hardwood floors, plants, art, walls – give you a glimpse into the band’s every day, as you find yourself asking the same existential question that they are.

“Rock and roll/When you gonna soothe my soul?”

WHOOP-Szo shared a bit of background on the video.

Relentless touring and identity crisis – “Another Show” is just that. This video is a short glimpse into our life at home, when we get the chance to be there of course. Our live show has created recognition for us being one of the heaviest touring bands in Canada, so releasing an introspective folk song is an extreme contrast. Isolation, for both us and our fans, is essentially what the song is all about. We love the support we get, but it is not always the easiest to be away, to set up at another dive bar and actively try to relate to people in a way that is wholly genuine.

Keep up with WHOOP-Szo and more announcements of what’s to come here.

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