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If you're like us and spend lots of time pondering the mysterious character known only as “the Blank Dogs,” look no further. The navy blue hood has been unveiled, at a little website called This “ultimate Blank Dogs resources” explains it all: the band's start in the mid-70's, their recent appearance at Lilith Fair, and how to get awesome Blank Dog ringtones! Check it (in Comic Sans)!

This is your ultimate Blank Dogs resource. The Blank Dogs are a band from Brooklyn, NY. Although they've existed since the mid-70's, they've only recently broken into the scene with their appearance at Lilith Fair. People are speculating that they may be the best band in history… forever. Basically, we should give up on ever liking anything else again, because Blank Dogs are reinventing music with their Blank Dogs music!

Visit the Blank Dogs site to learn more!

(In all seriousness, though, is this Mike Sniper's idea of mocking both efforts by bands to promote online, and practical uses for animated gifs? Our experts say no, definitely not. More likely it's some random anti-fan with an awesome taste in typography and seizure-inducing background gifs. Seriously, though, check out