Cathedrals, “Behave”

Earlier this year, San Francisco-based indie-pop duo Cathedrals dropped a sprawling new single, “Hit Me Like A Landslide,” another epic in their growing catalogue of such pieces. In relatively short order, the group featuring Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins are back exploring a sultrier side with “Behave.”

The Jenkins-led track builds on top of an initial drum machine beat as Cathedrals work their magic to swirl and layer synths and guitars towards a crystalline mountain of sound.

Jenkins details:

“When I originally started working on the lyrics for this song, I was feeling incredibly triggered and upset by all of the #metoo news and the stories strangers and loved ones so bravely shared as part of that movement. As a result, the original lyrics for ‘Behave’ came out much angrier than they are now. But as the song developed, I found myself growing weary of that anger.

I wanted instead to make something that would soothe my feelings of exhaustion and rage and give me some semblance of hope in the midst of the barrage of negativity. So the lyrics morphed into an expression of self-empowerment and a cheeky celebration of sexuality and love. The voice of the song is confident, irreverent and fearless, but also giving and vulnerable – all of the things we are so often scared to be with someone we love.

It’s an exploration of how we can let our guards down while simultaneously refusing to take shit. Writing these lyrics was like a therapy session; I emerged a little bit healed and a little bit hopeful. I hope that “Behave” might do the same for those who hear the song.”

Check out Cathedrals’ “Behave” below and snag a free download of the track here.