Cold Cave makes the pain feel good

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It feels like we all need a good cry as of late, but I think once the tears have ceased, we should just all listen to Cold Cave and feel good about the sadness, because a smile is really just a frown turned upside down.

What Wes Eisold and Co. pull off on this title track from their upcoming LP is a little gloom pop miracle that is equal parts Strawberry Switchblade, “Goodbye Horses” from Silence of the Lambs (you know, this song), or something like Ian Curtis back from the dead and singing for Magnetic Fields. Whether or not the entire album is going to be as good and poppy as this, or if it will contain snippets of noise terrorism ala Throbbing Gristle that the band has bounced off on some of their past singles remains to be seen. I'll be happy either way, and until I find out, I'll be sitting here feeling sad.

Cold Cave, “Love Comes Close”