Deerhoof, Baths and Busdriver fux wit Raleigh Moncrief

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Raleigh Moncrief is earning nothing but heavy props from the weirdos of LA beat music and indie rock. He's pretty much got shit on lock when Busdriver, Shlohmo and Baths show you love in LA, while two of the biggest and weirdest indie bands in Deerhoof and Dirty Projectors have him on their radar as well. Although we should hardly be surprised, we've had nothing but glowing adoration for Moncrief's debut Watered Lawn – welcome to the club indie dudes.

Busdriver and Deerhoof's John Dieterich teamed up to remix Moncrief's “In This Grass”. The original is one of Moncrief's lighter offerings, letting a Spanish-style gutiar do most of the work over spacious percussion hits. Dieterich minces in discombobulated glitches that flutter in and out of the remix, making way for a Busdriver verse and his accompanying vocals to Moncrief's original mix. The drums are also downright menacing like a 30-ft robot stomping on downtown pavement, but sound like you're hearing those stomps from the hills and mistaking them for earthquake tremors – yes, it's that specific of a drum sound.

Raleigh Moncrief, “In This Grass” (Deerhoof & Busdriver Remix) (via AV Club)

Baths and Moncrief are both signed to Anticon, but we think the neighborliness goes deeper than that. Will Wiesenfeld, a.k.a Baths, must have felt comradery in Moncrief as they both have a fondness for the falsetto. Baths covered Moncrief's “I Just Saw” first through a pitch-shifted intro, then matched Moncrief's vulnerable ballad with by ditching the shifting and letting loose a fine cover of bare swooning.

Baths, “I Just Saw” (Raleigh Moncrief cover) (via Stereogum)

Raleigh Moncrief's Watered Lawn is out now on Anticon.