Grayskul sophomore LP in late fall with Aesop Rock, Slug, Cage

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The Seattle-based outfit already had a full discography's worth of tracks before signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment, so it took choosing the best ones to put on Deadlivers, their debut with that label. Number two, Bloody Radio, out in late September, includes cameos from Slug, Cage, Pigeon John, Aesop Rock and vocalist Andrea Zollo, and has been dubbed “conceptual”.

Grayskul counts itself a faction within the wide, dispersed Oldominion collective, which trumpets its musical alliance as “what will inevitably be recognized in hip-hop circles as The Northwest Sound”.

Dual MCs Onry Ozzborn and JFK, with bassist Rob Castro, have cited metal and punk as their own influences alongside hip hop, and while their work never risks entering into Slipknot territory their masks do. (Well… somewhere between Slipknot, Satan, Bobo the clown and Lightning Bolt. These shots are old. Photographic evidence suggests they've stranded their Partytime villian couture soundly in 2004. Comments?).