GZA, meet Dan Deacon

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Dan Deacon and the GZA remix Salavador Sanatana's Keyboard City

Some ideas are so good you have to wonder why it wasn't thought of sooner. You think Salvador Santana has connections?

The title track to the famed guitar player's son's upcoming Keyboard City has been making the remix rounds, most notably by the mash-up kids at The Hood Internet. Then GZA took a crack at throwing some verses over the remix. All was good, if not a bit underwhelming, until–as the story goes–GZA reached out to one Dan Deacon. Wait, what?

As the publicist would have us believe, GZA first caught wind of Dan Deacon earlier this fall and
after a connection was made, Dan ended up taking GZA and
Salvador's remix and putting his own twist on it. We're a bit skeptical of this version; wouldn't Dan and GZA want to work on their own material versus a third party's? We can only hope that more music is in the works, because we would shit our collective pants. I think Pitchfork Fest already has them booked to perform the album in its entirety just in case.

We've been supplied two remixes, the first a dramatic interpretation of “Keyboard City” with Deacon's sweeping electronic tones underlying GZA's signature flow. The second is an “ambient” version sans the Genius. No offense to Salvador, but we hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Salvador Santana feat. GZA, “Keyboard City” (remixed by Dan Deacon)

Salvador Santana, “Keyboard City” (remixed by Dan Deacon)