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Tired of working thankless internships for people who just want you to get them coffee and never give you a byline? Tired of working paying jobs for money that can only buy you rent, food, beer, and love? Have we at Impose got the deal for you!

We are looking for unpaid interns in a variety of disciplines. We would love to give you school credit, and we also can promise that you'll get into shows for free, get fun promo CDs, and we'll give YOU snacks and coffee occasionally! We are very flexible as far as time commitment goes – all we ask is that you be available for a few hours a week to help us out. We are also flexible on physical location, however, the likelihood that we can give you snacks increases with your physical proximity to New York City. Here are the internships we are looking for:

Marketing/Advertising Intern

To aid in outreach to potential advertisers and sponsors. Ideal candidate is highly organized, phone and e-mail savvy and likes to go out to a lot of events. This is a commission-based paid internship.

Editorial Intern/Calendar Intern

To aid in the day-to-day maintenance and production of web content. Ideal candidates have prior experience in web publishing, copy-editing, listening. We would also like someone who is interested in helping to maintain a nationwide concert calendar spotlighting awesome shows all over the country.

Video Production Intern

To aid in producing in-house video pieces. Ideal candidates have prior experience with video editing.

Marketing/Design Intern

To aid in the promotion and organization of event and media projects. Ideal candidates have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, book-making, wheatpasting, friends.

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We are also looking for plain old contributors. Email us with pitches and crazy ideas and we promise we'll read it.