ISO: One social media wizard/intern

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Are you a young, hot, Internet talent, looking to spread the Internet to new nets and loving Internetting more than you love all the bottles of Mountain Dew next to your MacBook Pro?

Then we at Impose Magazine have a job for you!

We need someone to help us out with our social meda presence. We have the big guys pretty much down pat, but we want to expand into new web clusters to make sure we reach out to every hungry reader across the globe who might want to hear Justin Bieber jokes, random and unsourced political ranting, and maybe occasionally a sweet new record or two.

Is this you? Do you Tumbl? Are yout PATHological? Do you have Pinterest? Have you StumbledUpon this post? Can you Reddit?

If so, email with the subject line SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN and we'll check out your web presence. We can compensate in school credit, occasional booze, and IRL hugs. You can be anywhere in the world, as long as you have computer and will be on gChat.