J. Irvin Dally, Despistado EP

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j. irvin dally

The freak-folk and ghostly wail of J. Irvin Dally first impressed over the livened bedroom recordings of his former band Brother with Nick Cowman, who drums in Religious Girls. That was two years ago, before Dally relocated to Spain to study and it was uncertain when or if ever, another J. Irvin Dally recording would be heard – at least for me.

Dally seems disaffected by his youth, a weathered nomad before his mid-20s, he sings like a ghost with a broken ghoul-call over acoustic strums that stir up mists of dust. Back from Spain, Dally has transplanted just outside of LA in Santa Rosa – home to Ryan Schmale of That Ghost. It's tempting to call his Despistado EP (which translates to “confused”) a self-released seven-song magnum opus, but given his youth and unbridled brilliance, it's still too early to put ceilings on the kid. Also, you can't hear them on his website, but the EP includes two hidden bonus songs, one of which is an equestrian-themed cover.

Despistado EP is available through Dally's Bandcamp page for $5.

To encourage your purchase, we're offering “Salt Water” for free, as well as “Punchbowls,” which was left off the EP.

J. Irvin Dally, “Salt Water”

J. Irvin Dally, “Punchbowls”