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Download a new mixtape from Belief, the best producer you never knew you'd already heard.

Belief may seem like a new name, but he's lended his production to some of hip hop's finest including as Murs, Talib Kweli, Wordswoth and C-Rayz Walz. He also released an album in 2006 called Dedication you have probably never heard.

Maybe he has not quite given the people what they truly crave? Maybe he wasn't thinking outside the box or booth or bedroom earlier in his career. I mean who actually buys an album and checks the liner notes to see who did the production anymore? Rapidshare doesn't list production credits, am i right?

Belief's new approach is based off two industry giants that have pretty much created their own genres through infamy and legacy — Girl Talk and J. Dilla.

Belief explains his beatmix:

“It has been exactly two years and I’m back with a new project in a new format. It is a beat CD/mixtape album filled with not only bits and pieces of classic soul, rock, ethnic, electronic, folk, and jazz music, but also classic vocals from my favorite artists: NWA, Common, Q-Tip, Outkast, M.I.A., Poor Righteous Teachers, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Pharrell, Grandmaster Flash, Ghostface, Aaliyah and more. It’s one continuous collage of sounds, songs, snippets and tracks. The idea for this project was to follow no rules or restrictions, and to release it for free.

I went into the project of creating this mix album inspired by two other albums. I was hoping to create a combination of the formats of Dilla’s Donuts and Girltalk’s Night Ripper. Donuts was an eye-opening release in the sense that it was the beat-CD-as album.

Girltalk’s Night Ripper was revolutionary in its blatant thievery. It is black market music, filled with unofficial remixing and borrowing bits and pieces of major songs. As an artist who had been limited by sample clearance issues, I needed to find an outlet for all this sampled music I’ve created that feels very meaningful but has been left to get dusty in my hard drive over the years due to not being able to find the right artist to write the right song, or labels not being willing to release sampled music.”

Check out Belief's Myspace page for the link to his beatmix.

Or download Belief's beatmix here.