New Blood on the Wall mp3, album announced too!

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After what feels like a few revolutions in music have come and gone, spattering dynastic blood on the wall of music at large as well as within the Social Registry's own keep (Gang Gang Dance and Psychic Ills leaving space for the spacier folk balladeers TK Webb and Samara Lubeski), the original conquerers of noisy, hazy New York post-punk circa 2005 have resurfaced with promises of scratching a new battle line in the sand… or wall… or some other sort of blood-inspired metaphor.

“Hibernation”, their first digital taste of the album, isn't a far cry from the work on their 2005 album Awesomer, with its grungy three-chord riff coming off almost perky in the face of the stone-washed harmonic vocals. If anything, it's catchy Dirty Sonic Youth where a song like “Mary Susan” was an unabashed Frank Black bastard child? Whatever. It's all recognizable and comfortable, like grilled cheese and apple pie, and that's why we like it.

Liferz is out January 22 on The Social Registry.