DJ JS-1, No Sell Out

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DJ JS-1 is mostly known for controlling the wheels of steel as a member of the Rock Steady Crew and tour DJ for Rahzel and KRS-One. The man stays in the company of the highest caliber of hip hop heads, yet we fronted on covering his new record No Sell Out until now. Shame on us.

Not only does JS-1 pair legends next to future legends (C.L. Smooth and Sadat X rapping with Brother Ali), but he manages to inspire Kool Keith to travel at the speed of thought and bend brains once again. JS-1 proves his talents work the angles far past the crab scatch, as he handles the production on the entire record.

DJ JS-1, “Like This” (Feat. Large Professor)

DJ JS-1, “Nuthin'” (Feat. C.L. Smooth, Brother Ali, Sadat X)

DJ JS-1, “Brainbender” (Feat. Kool Keith + Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MCs, Canibus, Prince Poetry + Rahzel)

No Sell Out is out now on Fat Beats Records.