Teebs sings to his pretty bird

Teebs Pretty Poly

A subsect of beat theorists are applying their greenthumbs to the cultivate nutrients from an untapped soil, which is pushing beat music into deceptively organic trends. Artists like Teebs and Shlohmo are the anti-thesis of the warbled aggression that makes LET monthlies a partier's premo destination. Teebs recently posted “Pretty Poly” to his Tumblr, stating that he might “release this later this year on a record but you might as well take it now if you enjoy it.”

There's plenty to enjoy on “Pretty Poly,” for instance the use of vinyl cracks as percussion. Teebs programs the pops and hisses into a rhythmic layer, which is part of the deception in his seemingly organic touch. At the heart of “Pretty Poly” is a looped and fractured piano break, propelling the vocal sample, but it's Teebs use of minute sounds, carefully placed in the outlying space that fulfils the track's potential. According to Teebs, the “pretty polly” sample was mined from a J. Rocc mix session on Dublab.

Teebs, “Pretty Poly”