Which is the best song about Derek?

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Peter Jackson in Bad Taste

It's hard not to pay attention to a band when they write a song about me. Well, maybe not about me per se, but a track called “Derek's Song” is sure to get a few curious clicks from those sporting such an awesome name—and spelled correctly too! The release of the video for “Derek's Song” by The Coathangers has sparked a new debate within my cranium: Which song about me is the best?

“Derek's Song” comes with a bit of a dark back story: Dedicated to their good friend Derek Shepherd who passed away last year, it definitely gets the nod for sentimentaility. But the video leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Namely, how the hell are all of these people dying because someone took their picture?

Next up is Blood Duster, maybe the best grindcore band to ever come out of Australia (also named after the John Zorn track off of Naked City… not bad), and their song “Derek”. Off of their debut EP, Fisting The Dead, and named after the character from Peter Jackson's B-horror classic Bad Taste (incidentally played by Jackson as well), this has all the makings of a legendary Derek. The band even used a sample of the character when they re-released it on their Relapse LP Yeest. This is going to be hard to top.

Lastly, the song with clearly the best title, “Derek Evers” by the band Zorch. Who you ask? Exactly, but they wrote a song about me.

I couldn't find anymore that were not about the Nickelodean show Life With Derek (or written by Derek & the Dominos). While there's still room for improvement on the songs about Derek front, I'm going with Blood Duster in this battle.

But I'm only one opinion, the important question to ask yourself is: What's your favorite song about me?