Total Slacker, “Psychic Mesa”

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Total Slacker, Thrashin

The lead-off track to Total Slacker's Thrashin is a live favorite, one that's resulted in at least a few guitar-smash casualties and many treatments of the Long Jam. As the opener for their debut LP, which is seeing release on vinyl and CD in the UK from Marshall Tellar and in Japan on cassette from Sixteen Tambourines, the trio dialed down the run-time without latching down the hinges — “Psychic Mesa” remains a smashing opening to the obliterative prowess that is Total Slacker's first long playing release.

Total Slacker, “Psychic Mesa”

The band's playing the last ever show at Monster Island on September 30 with Royal Baths and Quilt.

Thrashin tracklist
1 Psychic Mesa
2 Shitty Baby
3 Secret VHS Collection
4 These Condos Don't Belong
5 Magical Date Nite*
6 Stuck in 93
7 Life on Easy Street
8 Thyme Traveling High School Dropout*
9 Stealing from Salvation Army
10 No Mo 4loko
11 Koolz McCrulez

*Featuring guitar from Cole Smith of Beach Fossils
Recorded by Carlos Hernandez of Ava Luna at Trinity Korean Studio in Coney Island.