Best Tumblr photos evr, numbr II

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Yeah, sure, who doesn't love vintage collage art and weed? But more importantly, who doesn't love Steve Buscemi? You can't trust someone who doesn't love Steve Buscemi, just like you can't trust anyone that keeps a loofah in their back window. Now I can't say you'll love it, because at times it's down right frightening, but if you love Steve Buscemi– WHICH YOU BETTER! — there's no way you can't at least appreciate this week's trending Tumblr, Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes. Have fun/nightmares with that.

Alec Baldwin Athletic Club
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Ellen Buscemi
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“Something For The Weekend” by Joe Webb


No Narcs By Marc Jacobs
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“Mixology” by Studio Grau