TV Girl, Lonely Women

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TV Girl

For the follow-up to the Greedhead-sponsored The Wild The Innocent The TV Shuffle, TV Girl struck out on their own to press t-shirts and cassettes for their Lonely Women release. As the title suggests, the heroins of Lonely Women are out of reach, despite some of the pining done by TV Girl. On “She Smokes In Bed” it's only a matter of time before Mary lights her hair on fire, while “Laura” has a common name, but is from another planet.

Lonely Women is a five-track EP that expounds upon the pop-electronica that utilizes breakbeats as much as live instrumentation that harkens back to the days of the tiny Michael Jackson, strutting around in sequin get-ups with his brothers. The discernable difference, being TV Girl's punk edge to long for the lonely girl who smokes in bed, rather than deliver a PSA on smoking kills.

Purchase TV Girl's Lonely Women at their Bandcamp.