Tyler The Creator and our Odd Future

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Tyler The Creator

If the OFWGKTA hype is transgressing to your bad side and the obsessing over a group of punk ass LA skate kids who rap is falling out of your favor, either collect your things and declare your blog dead or suck it up and accept that Tyler The Creator's GOBLIN is your potential album of the year.

Directed, produced and performed by Tyler The Creator, “Yonkers” is a sinister re-introduction to the Odd Future General's dark inner monologue as he goes from the philosophical thinker pose, to toying with a cockroach across his hands, dangerously close to his mouth. The calculations of the video's ultraviolent vision are surgically precise. Tyler The Creator is toying with us – in this one you're the cockroach.

My how far the OF kids have come in a year. About this time last year the “EARL” video hit the internet blasting skate-vid quality visuals of suicide cocktails, vomit and teenage mass murders – filling a void of violence we'd forgotten that we ever desired. The quality and subtlety of “Yonkers” is amusing as it is visually fit for MTV and will be visually impossible to place on television.

Now we sit back and wait to find out if OddFuture will become the next parental scapegoats for teenage degeneracy and suicide. While, we wait we can listen to the Tyler remix of Lykke Li's “I Follow You”.

Tyler The Creator, “I Follow Rivers” (Lykke Li's “I Follow You”)