Audio for new Lady Gaga video leaks

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The afterthought that is the audio tacked onto any number of Lady Gaga's notoriously provocative and brilliantly choreographed music videos leaked today, in the guise of a new song called “Born This Way”.

The truly forgettable track will likely be blasted from tanning salons and gay parties for years to come, but more importantly, we now have a vague outline of the kind of video we can expect to see out of this interchangeable Ibiza anthem. Certainly not the stark melodrama of “Alejandro”, nor the retro, Tarantino-quoting playfulness of “Telephone”.

What we can expect, on the other hand:

– A big-cast dance number
– A glimpse of one to four intimate Gaga organs
– More likely than not, a completely literal translation of the meaning of the expression “Born This Way”.