We're putting out GDFX's first LP

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gdfx one thing

We're beyond extremely pleased to be releasing the debut LP from Liturgy/Teeth Mountain/Dan Deacon Ensemble/Guardian Alien/Amen Dunes/Family of Love/Boadrums drummer/musical octopus on our record label. The beautiful thing about the record, called One Thing and out August 16, is the number of alternative records we've been sent by Fox over the past couple years as possibilities–records that stylistically span the gamut of noise and electronic beat music–because Greg is as prolific a recording artist as he is a collaborator. Every few months we'd get a new sample, with Greg opining “I think it will sound something like this, what do you think?” Maybe the honed-down “Taoist/video game-inspired” release we'll be printing on blue vinyl has an extra glow off the hours of other material he's passed through, or maybe everything he does holds its own separate weight. Either way, One Thing is noggin' bending music, and we're please to share tracks 11/12: